Irish Stickfighting uk

Welcome to the Irish stick fighting Association

We are Proud members of the Doyle family style RBUB, an hereditary system of irish martial arts.

Irish stick fighting is one of the oldest martial arts in the world dating back to the time of the Celts, in fact, the art itself comes directly from the fencing system of the Celtic warriors.

Over the years the system was developed to include boxing techniques and fencing from other European systems (Check out the history page for a brief history on the system.)

Irish stickfighting is a full contact weapon based martial art which is easy to learn and to remember, an ideal self defence system.

We use a shillelagh (she-lay-lee), a walking stick size weapon; lessons are both solo and with partner and are done in a relaxed and friendly manner.

We are one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world.

All members are encouraged to assist fellow members during the lessons and we wear protective padding when training full contact and all training is done under strict supervision.


So don't just sit there, come along and have a go...

The Video below is a short snippet of the art featuring  the head of our style, Glen Doyle, the last remaining Doyle stick fighter and gaurdian of the Doyle Family System.

Our style is Doyle family system and we can trace our lineage back through Glen's family Line.